Five Minutes of Speech Therapy

Here’s another five minutes of me working with Darah on her new alternative communication device.  She’s navigating it really well.  I will be continuing to post five minute videos of her progress in communication.  One very important aspect of her learning her new device is to keep structured lesson time brief, fun, and successful.  When newborn babies learning to talk, every coo and goo-goo-gah-gah is celebrated, which reinforces their speech development.  We want our daughter to receive the same celebration and reinforcement with every single button she presses.  This girl has been in speech therapy her entire life…I don’t want her to view her talk box as a speech therapy task.  I want her to view it as a connection to the world around her.  I am so proud of her.  The materials I am using are from AAC Language Lab.  They have some free materials that you can check out and a TON of free resources about the use of AAC and how to implement it.  As a parent and a Speech Pathologist who works with students with communication impairments, this site has been very valuable to me.  I also paid the $84 to subscribe for a year to receive access to even more materials.  I think it’s kind of pricey, especially after spending quite a bit of money on our daughter’s alternative communication app and ipad mini, but I appreciate the materials and how easy they are to implement with our girl while she is learning to talk with her new talk box.

Here’s what a five minute talk-box lesson looks like with my daughter with her Speech Therapy Mama (me!):

One thought on “Five Minutes of Speech Therapy

  1. She is such a pretty girl and very smart. I see she uses Signs along with learning other avenues of speech. I wish you both well on this journey.🙂

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